Henri Bource Story Henri Bource Story

The most remarkable part of Henri Bource's shark attack was that part of it was actually captured on film.

In 1964, Bource and two other divers were playing with some seals in the ocean off Lady Julia Percy Island in Australia when a great white came up from under Bource and took off his leg. His diving partners heard Bource scream and then saw his leg floating in the water. They managed to get Bource back onto the boat and he was able to tell them his blood type, which was radioed ahead to shore. Bource later recounted that he tried to get his leg free by jamming his hand down the shark's throat and gouging its eyes.

Bource is an amateur underwater photographer and filmmaker, and a few years later, he took the original film footage from the attack and reconstructed the other parts for a documentary called "Savage Shadows."

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"Jumping the shark" is the kiss of death when it hits our favorite sitcom, but it's just as deadly in the real world. Great white sharks off the coast of Seal Island, Africa, are known to jump almost 10 feet (3 meters) in the air to catch unsuspecting seals ... or anything else, for that matter.

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