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  • Author: Marina K. Blake
  • Press: Shark Magazine
  • Date: Saturday, 29 April 2017

Attention all nature lovers--your workout, chore routine, commute, and bedtime unwind are about to get a whole lot more entertaining. If you thought podcasts were just for sports, serialized true crime, and hard-hitting (ahem, boring) journalism, there is a whole beautiful world of nature and science based podcasts you've been missing out on. Luckily, podcasts have become so mainstream that you can find quality programming on just about any topic, including our beautiful natural world.

1. Nature Podcast

This weekly podcast goes in-depth to explore some of our planet's most fascinating mysteries. Produced by, it references the high quality journalism the site is known for while adding the charm and dialogue of two passionate hosts, Kerri Smith and Adam Levy. They cover everything from astronomy to neuroscience, highlighting the most exciting research from each issue of Nature Journal, including having the researchers as guests. If you want a relaxing, informative, and educational podcast, definitely subscribe.

2. The Wildlife Podcast

Jason G. Goldman is a cognitive scientist, animal behavior researcher, and science communicator who brings his smarts and savvy to listeners once a week. On each episode of "The Wild Life," he sits down with the most interesting people who work with, teach about, care for, and study animals. The in-depth conversations are wide-ranging, from the science of animal behavior and conservation biology to animal ethics, the wildlife in your own backyard, and beyond.

3. Living on Earth

Living on Earth with Steve Curwood is the weekly environmental news, nature focused, and information program distributed by Public Radio International. They have won dozens of broadcasting and journalism awards as a reflection of their dedication to fact-based, investigative journalism on everything from protecting natural resources to endangered animals. Informative yet easy to listen to, this podcast is perfect for both hardcore science nerds and casual listeners. It's especially great for commutes since each episode is about 20-25 minutes.

4. Stuff You Should Know: The Shark Diaries

While every episode of this podcast is filled with insightful, well-curated information, we know our readers will be especially drawn to their special episode focused on our favorite deep sea creatures: sharks. Hosted by Chuck Bryant and Josh Clark, this podcast approaches every topic with a user-friendly look at how things work. It's not just the technical aspect, but the emotional and physical connections we have to common and unique circumstances in our lives. Their shark-specific podcast follows the New Jersey shark attacks, looking at the conditions, climate, and culture surrounding the incident.

5. All Things Marine Radio Show

All Things Marine is a podcast and talk radio show that highlights marine science and conservation. It's sponsored by COSEE Island Earth and the University of Hawaii Hawaii Institute of Marine Biology, so you can rely on the hard-hitting factual content as well as passionate points of view. Hosted by Carlie Wiener, a former program manager for COSEE Island Earth and current communications manager for Schmidt Ocean Institute. On each podcast, she interviews students and faculty from the University of Hawaii and Federal partners in marine sciences and management, giving listeners a focused, expert view on the issues, research, and findings being conducted in the Pacific. All Things Marine has been running since 2012 and has an extensive and fascinating back catalog!

Shark Facts

Shark teeth are popular and often inexpensive beach souvenirs. Sharks shed their teeth constantly, and once one falls to the ocean floor, it's quickly covered with sand. It soaks up sediments like silica and calcite, which change the tooth's color from white to gray or brown.

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