News Article on Cownose Ray Killing Contest

News Article on Cownose Ray Killing Contest

June 21, 2016


An excellent article was just published in The Calvert Recorder about the impending cownose ray slaughter set for this coming Sunday on Maryland.  Please read the story and share it on social media:

“We are going to try every avenue we can using every nonviolent tool at our disposal to educate the public and politicians about these cruel contests,” stressed Chaifetz. “We are going to do everything we can to expose everyone for their participation in this slaughter.”


Watch the videos from last year:



News Article on Cownose Ray Killing Contest
A dead baby ray from last year.  Her mother was shot and beaten with a bat, and then she was used as extra weight for the contest.  This is the vile cruelty we are fighting 


Please politely contact Maryland Governor Larry Hogan and ask him to make a public statement against these cruel contests and to take action to shut them down:


Please also post polite and respectful comments on the American Bowhunters Facebook page about their cruel killing contest, and the fact that Kurt Wall is hiding from his challenge. You can let them know we will be on the river videotaping their vile killing for the world to see.

*** It's clear they are feeling the heat as they have been deleting our posts to their page, so please keep posting![1]

We need more people on the ground in Maryland documenting the killing and providing support - if you can help, please email us at:
This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. .  



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