Sharks and Shamans

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  • Author: D.O. Gordon
  • Press: Shark Magazine
  • Date: Monday, 11 May 2015

A Shaman is a highly regarded person in some civilizations. He is considered to be an intermediary between our world and the spirit world. He is a healer, the person who conducts ceremonial rituals, and guides his people. The shaman’s focus is on man’s connection to nature and the well-being of all parts of creation. If you’re wondering how sharks fit into this, read on.

Animals feature heavily into the shaman’s belief system, teachings, and ceremonies. Animal totems are most often identified by Native Americans, though they are found in many global cultures. They give people a place to focus on incorporating strengths of animals into their lives and character. This incorporation provides strength of character and internal change for the better. There are many animal totems from badgers to zebras, but one of the most influential and powerful is the shark.

A person with a shark totem is considered to be the animal symbol of fearlessness. While sharks have the reputation as being brutal, the shaman believe that sharks are only dangerous and unpredictable when they are in large groups. In addition to fearlessness, sharks also include the representation of the hunter, survival, protection, balance, power, adaptability, channeling messages from other frequencies or realms, and emotional transformation.

It’s interesting how those who believe they have a shark totem integrate the qualities of a shark into their lives. For instance, if one finds themselves clashing with someone, their shark totem will provide them with the power and confidence to stand up for themselves and eradicate the negative situation.

Sharks’ swimming patterns represent another aspect of the totem. The water represents emotional transformation. A shark’s swimming patterns can reveal how to move away from conflicts and adapt to new environments. A shark’s sense of smell and heightened sensory sensitivities indicate that aromatherapy might be very effective for those with the shark totem.

Consider a shark in captivity. It is often alone so it may be trained to perform a simple task. This solitary time with a singular goal keeps the shark calm and balanced. A person with the shark totem must have alone-time to be centered. This may mean meditation, tai chi, or yoga. This quiet time is calming and keeps the mood even.

Those “shark people” are often workaholics because they like to stay busy and active. They can accomplish huge tasks with great focus. Having a shark totem can be a very advantageous power animal.

Animal totems are determined in many ways, through birth, dreams, or simply feeling “connected” to a certain animal. There are many online quizzes to find your totem, but as with all of those kinds of quizzes, they are not to be taken seriously. If you feel connected to the shark, by characteristics, dreams, or studying more about sharks to find out your affinity to them, perhaps the shark is your totem animal. If so, keep in mind the movement, instincts, personality, power, and reputation of the shark. How does it pertain to your life? How can you make it work for you? Only you can know for sure…

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Overfishing can have a dangerous effect on sharks. The whale shark, for example, has to live to be 30 years old before it can reproduce, and its life span lasts between 60 and 100 years. As a result, it can't reproduce fast enough to keep up with fishing demand.

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